Brahma Kumaris

256 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


For the past 36 years the BK Meditation Centre has been located on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and is one of Melbourne's oases of peace.Fronting the meditation centre is a shop for books, posters, CD's and cards – all you need to help you meditate and think positively. The sound proofed Quiet Room is an ideal place to unwind and relax.  Try the “virtuescopes”  to give you some direction in your life.

Healing Colour Chakra Meditation:

Color plays a role in our daily lives, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. Learn why focusing on color during your daily meditation can have a significant impact on both your well-being and practice at our workshop.

1.30pm to 2pm 

Brahma Kumaris Open House:

Join us at Brahma Kumaris and let us introduce you to our approach to meditation.
We will cover colour chakra meditation, just-a-minute meditation and spirituality & the 3 stages of elevated Raja Yoga meditation.

12pm to 1pm


Pop into the centre and have your Virtue card read. Providing insight and direction to your strengths for the month ahead.

Runs for 10 minutes. Every 15mins from 10:00am - 5:45pm

All Day

Achieving Lasting Happiness Meditation Workshop:

According to the ancient philosophy of the Vedanta, there are two types of happiness. The first comes from things turning out the way we’d like them to and getting what we want. The second type of happiness, in contrast, is a state of being, not something we do or achieve. Learn about the link between meditation and achieving lasting happiness in our workshop.

2.30pm to 3pm

Let Go Of Old Habits Meditation Workshop:

Every day, every moment presents an opportunity to create ourselves anew, to shrug off the baggage of the past, open ourselves up to the possibility of the moment and take action to create your future. Discover the practice of letting go and moving forward through meditation in our short workshop. 

3.30pm to 4pm

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